Author: Spilios Alexopoulos

My name is Spilios Alexopoulos. I have been working as a software Developer since 2006 in companies of several sizes (from small 4-5 people to big organisations). In most of my career I have been working in a waterfall model. Projects were assigned by project managers, trying to hit the delivery dates given by them (no hard feelings), working overtimes and so go on…

Agile has been a revolution for me. Getting the whole team together, make its own schedule/commitments and growing more responsible after each iteration is definitely the way to go.

On this blog I would like to share my passion, my ideas and my experiences about Agile and interacts with other agilists.

Thanks for reading!

Agile 1s

The 1’s game simulates swarming, story decomposition and WIP limits to give teams a visceral understanding of why some counter-intuitive practices actually lead to more regular delivery of value for the customer. Often called the ‘Kanban 1’s game’ I’ve found that this game is very useful for teams trying to get an understanding of basic

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